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What a week that was!

Mega busy week but well worth it, i was told an old saying once by my Grandad, ‘ if you want something doing quickly, get a busy person to do it’. Now that may seem a bit strange at first, but when you look into it more, you can see the sense in it.

Busy people ‘get things done’, this is usually someone who really values the importance of time, or time management to be precise. Now someone who does’nt value their time are a lot slower to react when things need doing quickly.

One of my hero’s and mentor Donald Trump once said, ‘ A billionaire and a homeless person has 24 hours in every day, the difference is how they choose to use them ‘. And he’s right, people are always making excuses for not doing things, not enough money, time, ideas, etc. Your destiny is in your hands, it’s up to you how you wanna play it.

On the other side of the coin is rest, ‘ All work and no play makes Jonny a dull boy’, and this old adage got me thinking…

One of my passions is working my 3 Gun dogs, my wife, Sam and I take the dogs out every day to ‘work’ and play, it doesnt matter what the weather, they go out. So today i thought i would give you a little look into one of our walks, starting off with a few pictures:


Here they are sitting we us in the living room waiting to go out, Milly, Molly and Poppy







Molly working some open land








Milly the flying dog jumping into the river for a  stick






Milly, fully submerged in the river







None the worse for ware, retrieving the stick back to me







As you can see, they love what they do, just like it should be for us, in our lives.

It really is important to take time out to sharpen your axe, get yourself away from all the crap of everyday challenges, we’re lucky enough to be able to do this now, and you can to. It doesn’t always have to cost you money, just go for a walk in the countryside, or even the city if that’s your thing, it really does make you feel better.

When you start out working on your new online business, you really can get so absorbed in it, there was many a time when i’d start ‘work’ on it around 8 pm, the next minute it was 2am. And as we know, most people get into Internet Marketing for more time, so don’t get bogged down with it all, because all you would be doing is swapping one job for another.

So, whatever daily things that become a grind to you, take time out for yourself, you will start to see things differently after a while.

As usual, leave any comments or feedback, and i will get back to you.


Until next time



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