The Story of the Kindle King…

Hi All

Welcome to my latest post.

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks for me, with preparing books to be published, updating websites etc.

Last weekend I published TV personality Pete Cohens second book, ‘Fear Busting’, his first one I published,’Shut the duck up’, became an International Bestseller in 7 countries.

The new one was no exception, becoming #1 in less than 24 hours.

whilst promoting this on Wednesday, I got a call from my local radio station asking me if I wanted to appear as a guest on their Saturday morning, ‘Your business matters’ slot.

I was really nervous, but when I got to the studio earlier today, Andy made me very relaxed.

I didn’t know what he was going to ask me, but it all went great.

You can hear the full interview below.

Along with a couple of pictures I had to take lol

2014-03-29 10.16.43 2014-03-29 10.18.43

I must say, I really enjoyed doing it, And hope I get the chance to do it again.

I’ve got another book I’ve published today for a client, ‘ The Hearing Aid Prices Guide 2014′, so hopefully this will be number 15 out of 15 for a bestseller.

I’m working on a trilogy of books for the Internet Marketing guru, Alex Jeffreys this week, so look out for my post on Facebook, Alex Jeffreys Bestselling author has a good ring to it :-)

OK, back to work now, just thought I’d post this so you can all have a listen.


As usual, leave your comments below, good or bad.


’til next time




Marketers, Millionaires and Hypnotists

Hi All

WOW, what a weekend I’ve just had.

Now last week I asked you if you wanted me to carry on from the last post on momentum, or give you the skinny on the Marketing Summit weekend in Manchester…and the winner is, Marketing Summit weekend, by a golden mile, so here goes.

I arrived in at the Days Hotel in Manchester, UK at around 8.30 on Saturday morning, ready for the 9.00am registration.

I walked in and saw a fair few people chatting and waiting for registration, spotted a couple of garoos, sorry ‘Guru’s, in amongst the crowd, looks like it was going to be a great event.

We signed up with the lovely Joanne to get our name badges, and sat back down and waited for Simon Warner to announce it was time to go in.

The room looked a bit like a college classroom, but was very cool looking, I took my seat and waited for the event to begin.

Out came Simon and welcomed us to the event.

As most of you know, I started the gym last week, for the first time in many years. When I woke up on the Saturday morning, I thought to myself, no gym for 2 days, let my body recuperate.




Chelle decided we all needed to ‘Bond’ and taught us a dance sequence for the evening entertainment, I was knackered, however, it was all done in fantastic spirit, and I loved it.

It was now 11 o’clock and the Saturday program looked like this:

First up was Peter Garety, a real superstar in the industry, he was going to talk about the secrets to making profits online, and how to apply them to YOUR business.

Pete walked us through the 4 phases of his talk.

They were: Curiosity, Evaluation, Following and Authority.

2014-03-15 11.08.52He then went on to talk about the 5 pillars within marketing and they were, Past Marketing, Knowledge, Connection, Result and Impact.

Pete set the standard for all the others with a brilliant presentation, with so much to take away.

Next up was the very bubbly Leah Butler Smith, with her talk on NLP secrets to successful marketing, and successfully managing mindset, with the 5 main ingredients, which are: Modelling, Visualizing, A Plan, Processes, and finally Success.

This was a great talk with a couple of ‘live’ demonstrations of Leah’s fantastic skills set, which helped you move forward if you had any ‘roadblocks’ in your way, one of the easiest methods I have seen to date.

12.45 now, and next up was the very flamboyant Simon Warner with his ‘6 figure selling system, this took us through to lunch.

After lunch, next up was the very respected ‘Bitcoin’ expert Mark Lyford, talking about how you can make money from the new money revolution’ Bitcoin. I found this not to my taste at first, but as Mark got going he really made me think, he had a great personal story, and amazing content regarding his business, he even gave away money to one lucky guy.

This is definitely something I am going to get involved in, in the near future, it’s an amazing investment opportunity.

Up next at around 3.30 was Soren Jordansen, an internet guru talking about how you can sell exactly what ‘Bob’ wants.

Now Bob is your demographic ‘Mr Average’ guy, you need to know when you start marketing, how old, their sex, where they live, education, level of income etc.

Once you have got all this information he told you how you can pinpoint your advertising to that specific ‘Bob’.

And finally, save the best til last, was Michael Christon

Mike told you the keys to unlocking the huge profit potential within your existing business.

He started with a very heartwarming story about his life with depression, and how after taking out over a year from his business, he has come through the other side, and is re-branding himself.

He explained about Plan-Growth-Success and gave us a demonstration that 10+10+10 doesn’t equal 30, you really need to check out his stuff to appreciate this.

This was by far my own personal talk of the whole weekend, I could relate to what Mike was saying on so many different levels.

So that was the end of the first day.

Time to book in to the event hotel, and go get showered and dressed in my ‘broom cupboard’ room, lol, and grab some food, with Chris Scire, before going out for the evening entertainment at the local 235 Casino in Manchester town Centre.

Grabbed a taxi to the casino and went up to the private suite, it was mint.

Loads of people, loads of laughs and loads of beer.

Chelle done a spot of ‘oldie’ music for us, she was great, until she got me up to dance, lol.

As the evening went on, Simon came out and done his hypnosis show, it was brilliant, the longer it went on, the better it got, star of the show though was ‘The Hitman’ with his gay aerobics show, it had me howling, well done Chris Hitman for that.

Myself and Keith Dean left the casino at around 2.30 am, and went back to the hotel for a drink, we then met up with Simon Dodd, and Arthur FA Matthews. Great conversation and drink, food not too good though, got to bed around 3.30

Up at half seven, read for a bit, showered and went for breakfast with Igor and Anastasia Kheifets, amazing advice to move my business forward to the next level, what a great guy Igor is, and a Man Utd fan to boot lol.

Ten o’clock came around and Jonathan Royal kicked off the morning with his secrets of making £1m on eBay.

Followed straight after by Steve Benn and his great talk on how to make $300k offline with no affiliates.

Steve talked about ‘White Labelling’, explaining that if you can make something Better, Faster or Cheaper, you will have a great product, which will be very sought after.

This took us to 3pm, and another favourite speaker, and my personal Mentor, Alex ‘Peace and Love’ Jeffreys.

Alex showed us the ‘3 page cash machine’ formula that earns him Millions of dollars online.

Amazing content and so easy to follow and implement

Next up was Neil Murton, the ‘go to’ copy-writing guy, on the secrets of high converting sales letters.

I think this was Neil’s first live event, and he smashed it out the park, he showed us that Features and Benefits actually JUSTIFY things, but do not add value.

The slide of the day had to be the; ‘Shreddies’ re-brand – Classic.

This led us to the penultimate speaker of the day Andy Fletcher, talking about how to hire coders that actually deliver, don’t cost a fortune and don’t completely suck.

This got quite in depth at times and for me personally didn’t get it until I got home and went through my notes again, now I understand the Actor, Feature, Benefit scenario, it’s just so super cool.

To finish the weekend was media guru Fabian Lord regarding how to get onto T.V, radio, and media?

A great presentation from the former police officer, turned media guru, and a fantastic story of his seven year old Son, Monty’ becoming a bestselling author.

And so that was it, two amazing packed, fun, informative days nearly over.

Not without Simon going around to everyone in the room and asking what they got out of the weekend.

For me personally, I’ve been all over the world watching Personal Development events, this was my first Internet Marketing event, and I have to say, it was immense, there was awesome content, but without giving ‘information overload’, Simon, Chelle and Richard got the format spot on.

The next one is in Tenerife in December, and I’ve nearly got my wife around to go, because we are supposed to be Xmas shopping in New York…just a lil more time me finks lol.

So, I know this is a lot longer than usual, but you did ask for it, I really want to hear your comments on this one, and as usual, if I can be of help, drop me a line.

Oh! And don’t forget to check out my Facebook page.


‘til next time













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