So This is What All the Buzz is About…

Hi All

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here on the North Wales coast, and I’m going to share with you why I’ve been quiet on here lately, and what I’ve been upto.

For those that follow my blog regularly, you know that my business partner and best friend Andy Harris and I, have been putting together a step by step video course on how to gain authority within your own niche.

Well, the ebook, Audio and video set are all complete, along with the sales pages, download pages, and almost the JV pages, that will be complete in a couple of days.

It’s been a very hard three weeks, but the results are worth it.

We’ve put together 16 HD quality videos on how to achieve The Power of Authority, A high quality MP3 audio, and, our #1 Amazon bestselling book, with step by step instructions on how to gain your own authority.

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Along the way we really have had some laughs, and it’s important that you do, because,if it aint fun, we don’t wanna do it…

Now everything ‘product’ side is  done, it gives us four whole weeks to get our Affiliates together for our launch, which we have decided is… JULY 19th.

The next four weeks are going to be very important, this has been a very steep learning curve for Andy and myself.

I’ve been fortunate to have some great Mentors over the years, that have opened my mind to many things, my latest is Omar Martin, an Internet Marketing Rock God from the USA.

I purchased his product  a while ago, WP Affiliate Builder, and built another JV page for another product, and it’s great, but I never looked at all the training inside…until this week.

The training videos are second to none, they are a BS free presentation of huge content and value, I thanked Omar this week for putting out such a quality product, but I forgot to mention his wife Malinda and also Dave Nicholson, who worked together on the product, I highly recommend you check out their pages.

And talking about quality, I believe it’s imperative for your business, to put out top quality products every time.

There is still so much BS garbage out there, even though,I feel people are starting to see through it, it’ s still there, and that is why guys like Omar Martin, Alex Jeffreys, Marc Milburn have successful long term businesses, because they consistently turn out quality products, time after time, and that is exactly what my company, Babysteps Publishing Limited, will be doing too.

Both Andy and myself have got a lot of offline experience between us, and that’s why after 25 years as best friends, we decided to join together our experiences, and help others become successful.

This is our first joint venture together, but we have many more products in the pipeline, and already have a few penciled in using ‘The Power of...’ brand as our benchmark.

I’m not going to go into detail now, you will have to wait lol, but stay tuned.

If you are reading this, and are an experienced affiliate marketer, then drop us a line, and we can see if you would be a good match for our product.

And as usual, keep your comments and questions coming, and I will get back to you…it may take a little longer though lol.

So ’til next time, have a great week, and remember…Don’t follow the hype, follow the authority.






That Was the Week That Was…

Hi Guys

Well, what a week Ive just had, hope you are tearing it up too.
In the last week, it has been a bit mental at Kindy Towers, we’ve finished recording and editing both our upcoming products.
The first one is a FREE product we have decided to create for all our loyal subscribers, and also to all the newbies that come online every day.
The product is called…The Power of 3.

Check out the video by clicking HERE.

The second product we’ve been working on is  ‘The Power of Authority’.

This is going to be about achieving authority by becoming a bestselling author, using my proven success system.

As most of you know, for the last eighteen months or so, I have been studying and learning, all there is to know about Amazon and it’s algorithms.

Now using my system, I have produced 19 brand new bestselling authors, with 16 of them becoming number ones.

From a seventeen year old college kid, to an 83 year old carpenter, and also including an Internet Marketing legend, Alex Jeffreys and TV personality,Pete Cohen.

They were all number one bestselling authors, check out my Facebook page to see for yourself…

I had to think long and hard about letting my secrets out to the world, it’s took me a lot of blood,sweat and tears to gather this winning system together.

However, it’s not all about me, I want to share this information with the whole world, a kind of ‘Paying it Forward’.

So, letting people watch over my shoulder, and become a bestselling author in their very own chosen niche, gives me such a buzz.

And I can’t wait to see the finished results.

CLICK HERE to take a look yourself.

The reason I decided to do this, was mainly due to the fact, that I received so many emails asking me to do a weekend course/seminar.

I just haven’t got the time to do one, so I thought…just create a step by step video course and let them do it themselves, with me supporting them, if, or when they needed me.

So I hope you will be happy with the results.






Me filming the video of my latest product.

So, if you want to keep abreast on where the finished product is upto, just leave your details after watching the video at the link below, and we will let you know when it’s ready.

As usual, please leave any comments, good or bad, so we can improve the service to you.

’til next time


Kevin (aka The Kindle King)


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