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Maintaining Momentum…

Hi All

I just cant believe where this last month has gone, I’ve been that busy publishing books for people, it’s been a bit of a

This post is going to be about keeping momentum.

You really need to understand the power of momentum, at first, it takes a good while to get things moving, but if you just take one step at a time, and keep moving forward, momentum starts to

build and momentous things start to happen.

I remember hearing the great Zig Ziglar telling a story of a steam train being able to pull many,many fully loaded coaches along the rails and all over the country, but only, once it had got going and built momentum.

The other side of the story was telling us that when all that mighty power from the engine was standing still, all it took was a one inch chock, placed under the front wheels to stop it moving.

I hope you understand the analogy.

Sometimes it’s very hard to get things going, but I believe there are only a few things required to reach success.

1. Know what it is that you want.( As opposed to what you don’t want)

2. Work out what it is you want, then ‘reverse engineer’ it, meaning, get to what you want, and work backwards to the start.You then have a plan.

3. Get a Mentor, or someone who is at, where you want to be, this will be the best investment you will ever make.

4. Follow the proven blueprint until you reach success.

5. Don’t EVER,EVER,EVER, give up, or let anyone else steal your dreams.

Once you follow these steps, momentum will start to happen automatically, and once you start it, it becomes unstoppable.

If you listen to any of the successful people out there, they will all have their own story of how they built their businesses, and they will all be different.

But I will guarantee, that all of them will tell you, that once they started building momentum, their businesses went into overdrive.

So, if your feeling a bit despondent at the minute, and feel like your business is at a standstill, then re-evaluate your position, and

work backwards from where you want to be, and I’m telling you, from personal experience, you will see a difference, and, you will start moving forward.

Also, I highly recommend you get yourself into a ‘Mastermind Group’, this is a group of like minded people, who want the same outcome…success.

I was very lucky to attend a workshop last month with Marc Milburn, at his offices in Sheffield.

I met twelve different individuals in that room, that gave me ‘ideas’ for my business to grow, and within 3 weeks, had my first $3000 day, followed by my first $5000 day.

We all have our own individual business, but keep in touch regularly, to make sure we are all on track, and there has been some MASSIVE momentum and success, from a couple of the team.

If you cant find a team to join, then start your own, the best way I believe is on Facebook, start there, and see what happens.

As usual, please leave your comments about this post, and if I can be of any help, then drop me a line.

’til next time




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Being an Author, is finally within your reach…

Hi All

Glad to be back in the working fold again, it’s been a very manic and exciting last couple of weeks.

Firstly I was reading about certain statistics regarding people who have written books, but one stat blew my mind.

44% of authors who have actually written a book, are NOT published.

Well that got me thinking.

As most of you know, I have recently started my own publishing company, ‘Babysteps Publishing Company’, this was something I intended to do in the next couple of years, but was sort of ‘pushed’ into it now, and I’m so glad I was.

After my first couple of books in the ‘Babysteps Series’ went to Bestseller status, I decided to help a couple of friend publish their own books on Amazon Kindle.

The first was my Nephew Charlie Jones with his ‘Poker Rules‘, that went to #1 in around 3 days, and then I helped a good friend, Martin Ward, publish his memoirs of his life growing up in a Dublin children’s home, ‘A Third of an Onion‘ that went to #3 on the bestsellers list.

So, after attending a workshop, I call ‘Super Saturday’ with Marc Milburn, I decided to put together a program where I can help people who have written a book, but who still remain in the 44% group, to publish it on Amazon Kindle.

I compiled three packages to which people can purchase, the first one, Bronze, is where they give me their completed proof read book, I then convert it to Kindle, promote it, and launch it for them.

The second, Silver, is the same as the first, but I will proof read it for them and promote it to more people, and finally, the third, Gold, This is a complete package I never gave a thought too, Someone gives me a niche they prefer, I then do all the research, write the book for them, convert it to Kindle, do all the promotion, including Press Releases, and get it on the best sellers list on Amazon.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I just ‘put it out there’ on Facebook, and within a couple of hours, got two people interested in my new product.

The first was a guy named Matthew Houghton, he had written a book called ‘Solo Tsunami‘, showing you step by step on how to setup and run a solo ad business,it went really well, I formatted and converted it to Kindle and setup his new KDP Account.

We launched it on Saturday January 25th, in less than 24 hours it had reached #8 in the Home Based Small Business bestsellers list, peaking at #5, my 5th bestseller out of 5.


The next client was a young lad by the name of Ryan Phillips with his book ‘Rapid Fat Loss Diet’, he had done a great job on producing a wonderful, easy to follow fat loss program.

It had been selling on the open market as an eBook, but never as a Kindle product.

Due to this being a highly competitive niche, I didn’t feel it would be so quick to rank in the listings, but how wrong was I.

After research over the last few months, I have found out that certain days are really good days to launch, and others are just OK.

We talked it over and decided to launch the book on Wednesday 29th January, which was one of the OK days, well I converted the eBook to Kindle and uploaded it to Ryan’s new KDP account.

What happened next was astounding.

We launched it at midnight EST time on Wednesday, around 5am here in the UK. It went ‘Live’ around 9am , and within less than 24 hours, it had reached #1 in Mens Health, #1 in Personal Health, and even more amazingly, reached #26 in the whole of the non-fiction books, there are just short of 46,000 non fiction books by the way.

ryan#1This was a great moment for me and my new company, a turning point if you like, but it was a great week for Matt and Ryan, not only on producing two fantastic ‘How to’ books, but by taking massive action and getting their books to the publishing stage.

So well done guys, I’m megga proud of you, just get cracking on your next book

So, as we come full circle, this post has been a bit longer than normal, but I wanted you to know, that if you are one of the 44% of authors who have put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and wrote your own book, but have still not managed to get it published, take the next step and follow Matt and Ryan.

Kindle is the fastest selling platform on the planet, Kindle books are outselling physical books by 30%, and it’s growing all the time, so make the move and let me help you become a published author, or more than likely a bestselling author, whether it’s a credibility thing to let people know that you are an expert in your chosen niche, or even a boost for your ego, make 2014 your year by creating a long term residual income for yourself, as a Published author.

So, in ending, I have published six books on Amazon, got three #1 bestsellers and three top 10 bestsellers, all within a few short months.

Drop me a line and we can have a chat, thanks for taking time out to read this extra long post, but I hope you will agree, it was worth it.


’til next time





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