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At last my new ebook, ‘ The Baby Steps Roadmap to Internet Marketing Success ‘ is ready.

I’ve spent the last week or so getting my Sales, Thank You and Affiliate pages ready so I can start to promote my book. It would have been a lot more difficult if I did’nt have the help of John Thornhill to coach me through it, his coaching course really is a great one.

It took me nearly as long to put together these 3 pages as it did for me to write the eBook.lol

Anyways, it’s all wrapped up and done now, i’m now in the process of getting some Joint Venture (JV) partners together to help me promote it. The idea is to get one of the ‘Big Hitters’ in your field to get behind it, and promote it to their list, this gets you sales of your product and builds your list, and your JV partner gets their commissions, and their subscribers get a quality product. A Win Win Win situation all round.

I’d also like to thank a few people who have helped and guided me along the way, and given me great feedback on how to improve things, they are, John Thornhill, Dave Whitworth, Dan Sumner, James Scholes,Helena Ritchie, to name but a few, so thanks guys for all your help.

The Baby Steps Roadmap to Internet Marketing is a step by step guide, on how to start your own online or Internet marketing business, from the very first steps of setting up an email account, what accounts you will need to run your business, right through to driving traffic to your website.

I wrote this eBook because when I started, there was soooo much crappy stuff out there on the net, and I bought most of it.lol, but there did’nt seem to be anything that gave you all the basics of starting up, there always seemed to be something that these ‘Guru’s’ missed out. So that’s when I thought I would sit down, write a system of the things that you would need to start your own online business, then put it into an eBook. This eBook is the first of a set, it shows you how to get started in something that you are interested in, hence the ‘Baby Steps’, I am about to start the second in the series, this will lead you on to actually making money online, I will then write the third one, which will show you advanced teachings in running, maintaining and building your business, so the next few months are going to be busy. I just get such a buzz out of writing now, even on this blog, because I know that I am helping other people get out of the rut that they are in, and start to lead the life that they want instead of what other people want.

The major difference with working for yourself is that YOU decide where you wanna live, the car you drive, where you go on holiday, or even how many, but if you work in a J.O.B ( Just Over Broke), it’s your employer who decides them things. Now it’s not as easy as some people lead you to believe, but as long as you have a good mentor and a blueprint to follow, put in the ACTION, and you will succeed.

I will now get off my ‘soap box’ and bid you farewell.lol

As usual, keep your questions and comments coming and I will get back to you.


Have a fantastic week



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