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This post is about getting your reader’s attention with what you want to tell them, so here goes, hope you enjoy it.

As you may be aware, the race for control in the Internet based business sector, has really been heating up lately, and many websites and blogs have been put together to help others to get ahead for a small fee. But there are also many ways in which you don’t have to pay so much to make yourself a good list of loyal followers. Having a satisfied subscriber base allows you to put up a foundation where you can build an opt-in list and make it grow from there.

An opt-in list allows you to provide newsletters to your subscribers with their consent. When people sign up, they know that they will be receiving updates and news from your site and the industry you represent, with the use of an e-mail. But that doesn’t mean that all of those who subscribe read them all. Many lists have been built due to an attachment with a free gift or for a promotional discount and such. Many are not really interested in receiving e-mails from you and just treat them as a waste of cyberspace, and delete or trash them without so much as opening the e-mail and scanning them, in our industry these type of people are called ‘tyre kickers’, or freebie seekers, they just want something for nothing.

You can change all that. While forwarding an email message is relatively simple after producing your newsletter. Getting people to open them is not as easy. You don’t want to waste all your time and effort used in making the newsletters, you want people to read them and have their interests piqued. Interested enough to visit your website, and look around, and maybe even purchase and acquire your products or services.

One of the many ways you can tempt or persuade your subscriber is by providing a well thought out and well written subject. The subject of an email is what is often referred to when a person or a recipient of an email decides whether he or she wants to open or read an e-mail. The subject could easily be regarded as one of the most important aspect of your promotional e-mail.

Your subject must be short and concise, just tell them how it is, their time is valuable too, so don’t waste it with fluff and nonsense. You should provide a summary for the content of the e-mail so that the recipient will have basic knowledge of the content. This is really vital in grabbing the attention of your readers and subscribers. You want your subject heading to instantly grab the attention of your subscriber and get them to be intrigued to open up your mail. Remember, it is not necessarily true that a subscriber opens up subscribed mails.

A good subject must always be tickling the curiosity of your recipient. It must literally force the recipient to open the mail. A certain emotion must be ignited to get them to open the mail. It is essential to use specific words to get the reaction you need. Keep in mind that the recipient or subscribers spends only a few seconds looking over each subject of the e-mails that they receive. You must grab your reader’s attention right away; make it as personal as you can. Remember you are building their trust.

There are many forms you can use for your subject. You can provide a subject that says your e-mail contains content that teaches them tips and methods on certain topics. An example of this is using keywords and keyword phrases such as, How to…, tips, Guides to…, Methods in… and others like that.

You can also put your subject in a question form. These may include questions like, “Are you sick and tired of your job?” Or “Is your boss always on your case?” Try to stay on the topic that relates to your site, so that you’ll know that your subscribers have signed up because they are interested in that topic. This form of subject is very effective because they reach out to your recipients emotions. When they have read the question on your subject, their mind starts answering the question already, try to put yourself in their shoes, a think of some of the things they are thinking.

You can also use a subject that commands your reader. Statements such as “Act now, and get this once in a lifetime opportunity”, or “Double, triple and even quadruple what you are earning in one year”. This type of subject deals with the benefits your company provides with your product and services.

You may also use breaking news as you’re subject to intrigue your subscriber. For example, if you deal with car engine parts you can write in your subject, “Announcing the new engine that uses water instead of petrol or diesel”. This creates curiosity with the reader and will lead them to open the mail and read on.
The idea of any piece of written work is to keep the reader wanting to read more, the heading gets then to open the email, the first few lines gets them to read the middle of the email and then on to the last piece, or call to action.
If you break it down into little sections, it’s much easier.

So next time you put your emails together for your list, take a little time to make sure you are giving them what they want, and remember, make sure 80% of your emails are good, free, quality information, the other 20% can be offers and recommendations from you.

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