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Where has this last week gone?

I feel like i have’nt stopped, anyways just to let you know my new ebook, ‘ The Baby Steps Roadmap to Internet Marketing Success ‘, is ready. I’ve sent a few review copies out and have had some great responses back, so i’m buzzin’, I’m now just working on my sales and thank you pages, then I will be launching it to the public, so watch this space…

With that out of the way, this week,  I have made a short video on how to make your own header for your website or blog, over the last couple of weeks since putting up the free software program, xHeader, i’ve had a fair few emails asking me to do a quick video on how to create one, so as you can see below, here it is:



If you’ve not already downloaded the xHeader software then click here to get it.

Over the last few weeks I have been reviewing a fantastic program by a British born entrepreneur, he basically holds you by the hand and lets you set up an online business, moves on to making you money, and has a fantastic back office with oodles of tools, video’s, and even a community with ‘ live ‘ 24/7 video conferencing, with an already successful student answering all your questions, it really does seem outstanding value for money. There is a trial offer on at the moment, and he teaches you how to promote high ticket offers, with outstanding results.

I’m not going to reveal who or what the program is yet,  as i’m still learning the system myself, however, over the next few weeks, i will give you my opinion on whether or not to give it a go yourself, this is certainly not a ‘ get rich quick’ program, but it is for the more serious Internet Marketer who is looking for long term wealth and not short term gain.

I got myself a real professional condenser microphone this week, and i hope you can tell the difference in the sound quality, it should have been a ‘ plug n play ‘, but the setting up was a bit of a pain, but it’s done now.Let me know what you think.

Now i’ve got it, i’m going to be doing some audio products, i know that everyone is different, some people enjoy reading, but just don’t have the time, so if audio is available on certain products, they can listen to it on their ipods, while doing other things.

I know when I was truck driving for a while, i used to listen to audio all day, i used to call it my ‘ mobile university ‘, i really was learning while i was earning. Listening to some of the great trainers in the world, Napoleon Hill, John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, to name but a few, even Radio 2 gets a bit much after a while.lol

I am aiming at doing more posts than the once weekly i usually do, i’m going to be looking at doing at least 3 a week, so will have to manage my time even more.

Well that it for now, i hope you enjoy the video, after all it’s what you’ve asked for.

Please leave me any feedback or questions that you may need answering, and i will get back to you as always.

So, until next time.


Have a fantastic week.






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