Hi All


Hope you’re all on your way to living the way you want to live,  I cant believe that January has been and gone.

Anyways, this week has been hectic again, just a quick update for you all, some of you have asked how things were going with my eBook, so,  sales page and thank you page both finished and uploaded to my server,  ready for my book launch in a couple of weeks, applied for Clickbank vendor account to sell my book, just waiting for that and it will be all systems go. This week I will start my Affilate page.

Two things this week that really spun my head, the first one: as you know i’ve put a survey on here asking what your #1 question is for starting an Internet Marketing business, now i’ve had some really great questions, but I think some people who have left abusive comments need to stop watching Jeremy Kyle in the mornings and do something with their own lives, instead of trying to crush others with their petty little jibes, luckily for me it’s like water off a ducks back, but thank you for all the other great questions, there coming in steadily now, i want to get around 100 different questions, so i can get a broad feel for what it is you want solving.

Secondly, a BIG thank you goes out to Dave Whitworth from 30 day Traffic Flow, it took me all week to sort a challenge out i was having with uploading my images to my server, i went on forums, Google and even onto Youtube to get the answer, but did’nt find it.

Dave took time out of his busy schedule and made me a personal Camtasia video showing me where I was going wrong, in the end it was something very small, but it goes to show that there are people out there in ‘ Internet Land ‘ that will give you a hand up when you need it, and the thing is, i’m not even one of his students, so, thanks Dave I really appreciated what you done for me, hope I can return the favour in the future.

I’ve also just finished another product, it’s the audio to my upcoming book launch, The Baby Steps Roadmap to Internet Marketing Success, I know in the past when i’ve purchased books, i really wished that i could have got an audio copy, so I could listen to it on the move, as i’ve said in previous posts, i have my university on wheels, where i listen to all sorts of self development products. So for those that want an audio copy as well as the ebook, you will now be able to have both.

That’s about it for now, cant think of anything new to tell you that i have’nt already, so keep on keeping on, and don’t forget to leave your feedback.

Until next time