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Hi All

Another hectic 6 weeks at Babysteps Publishing, and here is why.

It all started about 4 months ago with me writing my latest #1 bestseller ‘Business in a Box’ .

However, this time I decided to create a competition to go along with the book.

I was giving 3 signed paperback books away as runner up prizes, and the main prize…

I will take your completed book and turn it into an Amazon bestseller, also your book will be published as a paperback.

Now I charge $2297 for this service all the time, but I felt it would be a great chance for people to get a free chance of getting their work published.

I created the squeeze page for people to register, and said that only the first 500 people to download my book for free on Amazon would qualify.

My book was on Amazon’s KDP platform from September 10 – 12.

I usually do a five day launch, but this time I was trying something new, a little experiment, (you know I like to try new stuff out :-)).

The launch started a bit slow on the first morning, but soon picked up momentum, we had a few hundred downloads after the first 24 hours.

At the end of the three day launch we had the following results;

#1 Germany and Japan

#2 USA

#3 in Australia and Spain

#5 France

#6 Canada

#13 UK

#1de #1jp














A couple of screenshots above so you can see some of the results.

All in all, it was a good launch, but more exciting for me was having my first launch competition a success.

I picked a winner and the runners up, and here are the results.

A signed paperback book goes to: JONATHAN KITSON, DAVID WILDE and ANNE COOMBE

And the winner of the top prize is…..SHEENA SLAMAKER

Thank you to all that entered, I hope you all enjoyed the book.

One favour I would like to ask, could you please leave me a review, good, bad or indifferent on Amazon, either at  for USA, or, for UK.

I will be contacting the winners in the next few days to get their home addresses, so I can send the signed copy.

If you want to send me a friend request on FB, then please do.

Just as a sneak preview, I am setting up my new log cabin/office at the end of my garden, this is where I will be holding very exclusive mini workshops on how to replicate what I do on a daily basis, help people become published authors and publishers.

This is going to be very exclusive, I will only be inviting serious people for a weekend workshop, where you will learn EVERYTHING that I use to make my living.

The course will be over two days, at the new office, and will include two days training, lunch and refreshments on Both days, also the attendees will be taken out to a local restaurant on the Saturday evening, where we can get to socialise and chillax a bit.

Also, accommodation will be provided at a local hotel, which is only 5 minutes drive to the office.

This is going to be an amazing experience for anyone wanting to become a bestselling author and publisher, and like I’ve said, is only for people who are serious.

Oops, nearly forgot, I will also be inviting a multi #1 International bestselling author and public speaker along for the ride, so watch this space for more details.

If you feel this workshop is for you, then please drop me a line and register your interest.

Well that’s all for now.

’til next time



aka The Kindle King




Hello All

Well what can I say, it’s been the best part of a year since I wrote my last post, that’s not good enough for my readers, but there have been many reasons, mostly good, some not so good as to why.

As most of you will know I set up a publishing company in early 2014, and things started off great, and then got even better.

For the last eighteen months I havent stopped, in the last ten months alone there has been some dramatic changes in my personal and business life, all sorted now though.

Since October last year when I wrote the last post, I’ve created over a dozen bestselling authors in many different niches.

Both fiction and non fiction…

Well I was introduced to a lady from Africa, now living here in the UK, she had written some books but had tried and failed to publish her books for a long time.

We discussed the best route for her to go and got cracking on the plan.

We decided to make the book that she wrote as part of a trilogy, and what a journey it has become.

The books were about her early years growing up in Africa, then on through her teens and eventually moving to the UK as an adult to start a new life.

The series is called ‘I Wonder’, withing 4 months of being published through me and my company, Babysteps Publishing Limited, all three books became #1 International bestsellers.

But that was just the start, With the help of becoming a bestselling author, Deb has built a huge following which has led to numerous speaking engagements at some very prestigious events.

She has even been recognised with an award for outstanding achievement for African woman.


Deb after her award with the Mayor.


She is now on her fourth book in the series which will bring her readers upto the present day.

We never thought that this would happen, although I told Deb at the time, I had a gut feeling this was going to be successful.

And you would never know the success she has achieved in the las few months if you were to meet her, she is still so humbled by it all,you can find out all about Deb on her blog page beyourownboss1.

Deb is not alone, I’ve had many people who have gone on to create thriving businesses from writing a book…do you want to be next?

Has he gone mad they said…


Now I want to share with you some very exciting news, I’ve just completed my latest book, Business In A Box: Start Your Own Online Publishing Business Today.

It’s going to be launched on September 10th 2015 on Amazon.

It will be available in Kindle and paperback a week later.

As a part of the celebrations building up to the launch, I intend to hold a competition to publish one lucky persons book and turn them into a bestselling author, if they havent written one I will help them write one.

Now I charge $2297 for this service, but  love to give back and help others reach their goals, and I’m super charged for this one.

So watch this space or go to my Facebook page and wait for the updates, or leave me a message, and don’t forget to tell your friends.

I leave no stone unturned with this book, it’s going to be a cracker.

As usual if you want to leave a comment then please do, once again, apologies for the huge gap between posts.

’til next time



aka The Kindle King

PS: Look out for my new book cover over the next few days.


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