A Great Way to End the Year…

Hi All

This will probably be the last post of the year, so I thought I would leave on a high, with a lovely letter from my now friend and student, multi #1 International bestselling Author Debrah Mowlem.

I’ve only known Deb for just over a year, after she contacted me to publish her first book, since that and a couple more, we have become great friends.

Deb is a woman on a mission; she has accomplished so much in the last year, with balls of steel determination and tenacity.

2016 is going to be an even bigger year; I will stop banging on now and let you read the letter she put together for this last post of 2015…over to you ‘Superstar’.

I have always written as far back as I can remember. I wrote short stories, novels, essays. I made up stories, I built on stories people told expanding them into long stories, giving them characters, living characters. But I never thought I would publish anything I wrote. So everything I wrote was just filed away.

When I moved to the UK, I continued writing and one day in church, I met a published author and upon hearing that I write she asked to see my work. She was amazed; she thought it was great, and she urged me to get it published, and I did. I got myself one of those big publishing companies and got my book out. Things didn’t go well though, I didn’t sell much and the percentage I got from the sales was so little.

Then through the social media I ‘met’ Kevin Long, the Kindle King (well, I didn’t know it then) I contacted him, and he agreed to publish my book, the same one I had published with the big company. I pulled it out, divided it into two books and gave it to him. He edited them both and published the first one; I Wonder…The Village Years, a book about my life in the village in Zimbabwe, Africa, and true to his name it went to number one within a few days of coming out.

It snowballed like I never imagined, went to number one in quite a few countries, and before I knew it, I was a #1 International Bestseller…me! My book was selling all over the world.

He then published the second one I Wonder…The High School Years, this one is about my life in high school in Harare, the capitol city. Again, it went to number one and was flying off the Internet shelf.

My fans then started asking what happened to me after the second book ended, so I wrote a third book about my life. The part about my life in the U.K as an adult, I Wonder…The Adult Years. Kevin Long published this book as well, and it went crazy. I was an International Bestseller for the third time in one month. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. It was huge. I mean this book was number one in countries like Japan, how crazy is that? Little old me.

Kevin then became my official mentor, and he started coaching me. I have always wanted to go into property investment and seeing as he was in this field before he reluctantly agreed to coach me. So now I have embarked on my property investment journey. It’s already growing although its early days yet, I am excited about my future in property. He is very patient with me but also cracks the whip when I slack, which is what I need.

With the books came motivational speaking. I talk in schools and organisations about my life, how my life changed from a little shy village girl to a motivational speaker speaking in front of hundreds of people, having people asking me what to do. The best thing is when people come back to thank me, the boost I get from seeing the difference in people’s lives is amazing.

Me and Kevin Long are now very good friends, and I do value his input in what I do, I run ideas by him, and we discuss the best way to go.

I am still writing and have a few books in the pipeline, and I know with the Kindle King. I will again bring out another bestseller or two.

I have referred other writers to Kevin, and he has published them, making them bestsellers as well. It’s like I say ‘If your ‘job’ is your hobby it’s all so beautiful, easy and effortless.

Thanks Kevin, it’s a pleasure being your friend and thanks for being my mentor!

Debrah Mowlem

International Bestselling author

Motivational Speaker

Online Marketer

Property Investor

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did receiving it.

All I will do now is wish you all the very best for the coming holiday season, and an epic 2016.

With deepest love and affection to all my readers, students and Facebook friends.

’till next time


aka The Kindle King.

The Big Build…

Hi guys

It’s finally here, the new offices of Babysteps Publishing Limited.

Took a bunch of stills and with the help of ‘Smilebox’ made it into a cool video.

Hope you enjoy it, there’s still bits and bobs to do, but you get the idea.

Thanks to my other half, Sam, and Ryan and Mick ‘Lardy’ McDivitt for helping me with the build.

Now on to the new patio and walkway, materials are here, just gotta go do it now.

As usuall, leave any feedback.

’till next time


Kevin aka The Kindle King

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