Are You Part of The Amazon Cash Cow?

Hi readers

The time really does fly when your having fun, and have I had plenty of that over the last 6 weeks or so.

After a great product launch of my first joint venture, ‘The Power of Authority‘, with the multi talented Andy Harris,from Chubby Buddha Productions, things settled back to normal, well, whatever normal is lol,

The first good news was that someone who purchased our tutorial course, had ‘done it themselves’ and got to #1 on Amazon bestsellers list with her second book, well done to Tiiffany Domena from Texas, you ROCK :-)

And then I had my 25th Amazon bestseller, for clients that hire me, to help them publish their own books, that was 25 bestsellers from 25 attempts, I was so happy.

Which leads me on nicely to this months post, Are you part of the Amazon Cash Cow?.

I have to stay on top of everything that happens in and around Amazon Kindle, because thats what I do to make a full time living, and you know by now, I’m extremely good at what I do ;-).

So i thought i would give you some fact and figures regarding the enormous authority and power that Amazon has, in the digital marketplace.

Last year alone, Amazon’s book revenue along was $5.25 BILLION, yep, thats billion with a B.

And since the Kindle inception at the end of 2008, it’s growth has been exponential.









19.5% of all books sold in the United States alone, are sold through the Amazon platform, and it is now estimated that 40%+ of Amazon’s 30 MILLION

book buying customers, own a Kindle reading device, all of them potentially looking to buy what you write about :-).


Now those that have followed me through my on-line career, will know that I do Kindle publishing now full time, through my own publishing company

Babysteps Publishing Limited.

To date, I have published 30 bestsellers from 30, with 26 being #1′s, in every niche imaginable, and from every walk of life, something i am extremely proud of.

However, without taking nearly two years to learn how Amazon works behind the scenes, none of this would have been possible.

And one of the main reasons for my success, is the Amazon KDP program.

Only a couple of years ago, you could put a book on Kindle and make money, and there was a lot of rubbish out there, not the case any more, Amazon are more alert to this now.

People don’t understand how important the KDP program is, it really can be the difference between a successful book or not, it’s that important.

Now for those of you that don’t know, the KDP program, is a service where you give your book away for FREE, yes I said free, for upto five days, in any ninety day period.

This is a massive springboard for your book, when it eventually starts to sell, and one I use every time I publish a book.

It is also worth noting that, 27 out of the top 100 bestsellers in the paid section, have used the KDP program, so that tells you something.











Within Amazon Kindle, there are 27 main categories for you to chose from, with another 345 sub-categories, inside that.

So you need to be very mindful, when choosing where to place your book.

Now back to the Amazon Cash Cow…

Last year, Amazon had 60% of the whole digital ebook market, and paid out…wait for it….

$580 MILLION in royalties alone.

So as you can see, Amazon is definitely the place to be, if you enjoy writing, and want to earn a residual income.

If you want to know more on how to write a book, and publish it on Amazon, then let me know, We can jump on Skype and see if we can work together.

No more Bank Holidays now here in the UK, until Christmas, although every day is a Bank Holiday for me lol.

Have a fantastic week, and dont forget, if I can be of help to you in growing your business, then let me know.


Til next time


Kevin (aka The Kindle King)




Do You Want to Make Your Dream a Reality?

Hi Guys

Hope your all enjoying this Summer weather, especially here in the UK, and talking of hot, this month has been smokin’ for me personally.

All the hard work is done for the launch, all the very late nights and early mornings are a distant memory…but now the real work begins, to make this launch a huge success.

In between getting more #1 bestsellers for my clients, everything has been planned and executed.

Below is a blog post written by Andy, my best buddy and business partner regarding our launch on July 19th.

But before you read that, take a look at us both talking on the James and Kristie show this week.

Over the past ten years marketers have searched for the answer to a fundamental question.

How do the successful marketers and on-line guru’s get to the top of their profession?
How do they continue to have success after success with every product they release?

Now I’m not talking about traffic, we all know having a successful list is really important, but many people have a great list, but still struggle to reach the dizzy heights the top marketers and guru’s reach.

There is one thing however that all these people have in common, and that’s authority, and they have it in abundance. This authority has cost them thousands of dollars over many years, and we realise not everyone has this kind of financial clout or even the time to get to where they want to be.

They want it now and they want it as cost effective as possible.
Introducing “The Power of Authority” .

One of the easiest ways to gain authority in any niche is to become a bestselling author, think about this for one moment.

When you want to find information about anything, the first place you turn to is the Internet, even before the Internet you would search a library.
This is because since the dawn of time, authors have been seen to have Authority, hence the word author.
You shouldn’t underestimate, the power authority gives you, here’s a quick example.

The last time you went to a hospital and sat waiting for someone to come and see you, what would you do, if a man or woman in a white coat came into your cubical and told you that you needed to take some form of medication? Would you ask them for identification, or would you naturally presume they were an authority, due to the white coat?
You would say thanks and take the meds.

This isn’t due to real authority, although they do have it, this is due to perceived authority, and also applies to bestselling authors.
Kevin Long aka the Kindle king along with his partner Andy Harris, have produced a product that will get you to bestselling status on Amazon, even if you have never written a book before.
Not only will it get you to bestselling status, but it will get you there in just 30 days.

So the next time someone is looking for an answer to a specific question in your niche, where are they going to look? They are going to look at the bestselling author.
Imagine what it would be like for prospects to come looking for you, instead of you having to search for them.
THE POWER of AUTHORITY book was number 1 in Japan, USA, Germany, Brazil, Australia, and Canada and the product got there by using this very system that they are launching.
A step by step guide, over the shoulder, that will give you the opportunity to be the authority in your niche.

Alex Jeffreys said “this product is outstanding” as it took his two books to number one around the World. Grab the early bird price as it won’t last long:

So, before I close, if writing a book is on your bucket list, check the launch out on July 19th, and make your dream into a reality.


’til next time


Kevin (aka The Kindle King)


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